Start-of-Year Feast (Year 1)

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Start-of-Year Feast (Year 1) Empty Start-of-Year Feast (Year 1)

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This was the beginning of a new year at Hogwarts, with a new batch of first year students who would, hopefully, be ready to learn, work hard, and have fun. They were walking into the Great Hall now, some calm, some excited, some nervous, waiting to be sorted. The Headmaster sat at his chair in the center of the staff table as one-by-one they were sent to the four Houses' tables, being welcomed by who could be their new friends for the year as they sat down.

Once the sorting was done, the Headmaster stood up and addressed the students with a short speech. Then, everyone was ready to eat. Plates upon plates of food cooked by the school's house elves appeared in a line down the center of the four long tables, and the staff watched as the new students stuffed themselves like they never had before.

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