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Name: Carrissa Green
Age: 11
Birthday: June 17

The twelve classes offered at Hogwarts are Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Herbology, History of Magic, Muggle Studies, Potions, and Transfiguration.

Good At (Choose one class): Care of Magical Creatures
Bad At (Choose one class): Defense Against the Dark Arts

Weakness: Carrissa is very shy around people. Also, she is afraid to use magic most of the time after an accident with her mother.
Strength:Carrissa's shyness keeps her away from people who might cause trouble.

Description (looks, personality, etc.): Carrissa stands at a tiny 4' 10". She has big blue eyes that look as if they belong to a baby, and light brown hair that falls to her shoulders. Carrissa's favorite color is pink, and this shows often in her clothes, which usually have pink somewhere, if not everywhere on them.

Carrissa is probably the shyest person you could ever meet. This is due to her father's cruel nature with her, treating her like scum. Also, Carrissa seems to be afraid of people most of the time, and because of this rarely makes friends. She can often be seen sitting alone in classes or the Great Hall. Because she is shy and afraid, Carrissa also avoids people she thinks might be mean or dangerous, which lowers her chance of getting in a bad situation with those types of people.

Carrissa is also afraid to use magic, which is because of a terrible accident involving her mother where a spell backfired and killed her. In fact, the only reason Carrissa is attending Hogwarts is because her father wanted to get rid of her, and that was the best he could do without killing her. Carrissa is usually reluctant to use any spells during class, and whenever possible tries to fake actually using any spells. This makes Carrissa a terrible duelist, and is another reason why she likes to avoid mean people.

Because she is so shy around people, Carrissa has taken a liking to animals, especially her pet owl, Bubbles. She takes it everywhere with him, except for classes, and it is her "best friend".

Other Info: Family Background: Carrissa barely had any happy moments in her childhood. In fact, it was terrible. Since she was born, her father neglected her and often forgot to feed her or change her diaper or anything. This usually left the task to Carrissa's mother, who very much cared for her child, unlike her husband. When Carrissa was about five or six, her father made her do chores around the house that you would almost never see a young child doing, such as cooking meals and cleaning toilets. Her father knew very well that he could complete these tasks using magic, however preferred to have his child do it, and stopped Carrissa's mother from helping her with magic. As you would expect, Carrissa was unable to complete the things her father wanted her to do, and was punished constantly, and it was unlikely that she was out of the house, being grounded all the time.

Two years before Hogwarts, Carrissa's parents started fighting more than they usually did and were talking about divorce. Of course, Carrissa hated this idea, as it would sometimes leave her alone with her father, and her mother wouldn't be there to sneak her food, as a common punishment from her father was no dinner. Well, one night, Carrissa came downstairs and saw her mother and father fighting again, something she was used to. But something that happened that night that had never happened before was that her parents' wands were pointed at each other, sending spells. Things were breaking and smashing all over, and Carrissa heard two words from her mother she would never had expected to hear: Avada Kedavra.

Carrissa didn't want anyone to die from these fights, not even her father, and especially not her mother. Unfortunately, someone did die that night. The spell backfired on her own mother, as she was not near powerful enough to perform the spell, and she died. Since then, Carrissa has lived with her father, who has gotten worse over the years, knowing there was nobody in the way between him and Carrissa. Sometimes he had gone to the point of hitting Carrissa and blaming her for her mother's death, and somehow, Carrissa did feel responsible for it.

Finally, Hogwarts was going to get Carrissa away from her father. At least, for a little while. Hopefully nothing there could be worse than her life at home...

Carrissa Green

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You have been sorted into Hufflepuff!

Thank you for RPing at Harry Potter: WizardPlay.


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