First Item Shipment! + Jobs!

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First Item Shipment! + Jobs! Empty First Item Shipment! + Jobs!

Post  Kerovinn on Fri Sep 11, 2009 8:00 pm

g= galleons (everything in my shop is galleons)

150G- Legendary Wand of the Animagus: This wand gives you the Animagus ability, allowing you to turn into any animal and keep your human brain.

10G- 5xPotion of Prayer: Each potion brings you back to full life (5x means there's 5)

25G- 10xPhoenix Down: Revives a fallen ally (x10)

50G- The Kero2000: The Nimbous2000 is to old, get this one. This is the best broom right now and as long as no one else has it your guarenteed victory!

NOTE: If something says for example x10, you have to buy the whole stack, no less and no more (unless you pay for 2 stacks). If an item says 1 in stock in parenthesis then theres only 1. First buyer gets. For the items above we don't have that situation. I will let you all know when we run low on something.

Security- If someone posts inappropriate topics or comments in my store report them to me. 2G per report.

Sales Clerk- Everytime you persuade someone to buy something and they give in, you earn 3G.

NOTE: I will be interviewing your teachers to see what kind of student you are. They will tell me if you deserve the job or not!


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