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Post  Admin on Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:25 am

There are some guidelines for your avatars and signatures. If they do not follow these, they will be removed immediately.

1. ...must be appropriate FOR ALL AGES.
2. ...must not be more than 125x125 pixels.
3. ...should be related to your character in some way.

1. ...as with avatars, must be appropriate FOR ALL AGES.
2. ...cannot have more than 500 characters.
3. ...may only have up to ten lines of text.
4. ...may only have images up to 250x600 pixels.
5. ...must have a link to your character's profile. This will be added by the Admin.

Claiming a Character Face

You may claim a character face (or "celebrity face") for use in avatars or signatures. You may not claim a character face used by another character unless the character has been inactive for at least six months. If a character has logged in but not posted, then they are still considered inactive.

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