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1. NO GODMODDING! This is a big no-no in RPing. "Godmodding" is controlling another character's speech, thoughts, or actions. This is not allowed. This also means that you may not cause death or serious injuries to another character without their prior permission.

2. You must write in third person and past tense. For example, instead of saying:

I go to the store and buy some blueberries.

Say this:

John went to the store and bought some blueberries.

3. POST LENGTH AND QUALITY. The minimum post length is four sentences. This means NON-DIALOGUE sentences. Remember, there is no limit to how long your posts can be, and it is encouraged to write more. Also, add description to your posts and make them interesting; everyone will be happier reading a quality post than a vague 1-sentence post. And example of a rule-breaking post would be:

Johnny heard Ryan say that he was dumb. Johnny got mad.

Instead, you could say this:

Then Ryan said, "You're so dumb!" Johnny was used to Ryan insulting him, but now he did it so often that it made Johnny angry, and this was no exception. Maybe he wasn't angry enough for a response or to use a spell on Ryan, but that could change very quickly. In fact, Johnny was close to taking his wand out right now.

Now, which would you rather read?

4. Make sure you do not incorporate OOC (Out-Of-Character) knowledge in your posts. For example, your character has to know IC (In-character) what this person's name was, or what they did last Tuesday, etc.

IC AND OOC: IC means your RPing, like the example posts above. OOC is everything else, such as forum games or chit-chatting. If you must make an OOC post in an IC post, put an OOC smiley ( Out of Character ) at the TOP OR BOTTOM of your posts.

Thank you for RPing at Harry Potter: WizardPlay.


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