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Post  Professor Channing on Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:16 pm

Name:Arendo Channing
Age: 67
Birthday: August 23
Occupation: Transfiguration Professor, Head of Slytherin House

Weakness: Tends to pick favorites
Strength: Tough Teacher

Description (looks, personality, etc.): Arendo has graying hair, is about 6' 2", and is always seen with a hat (covering up that dang bald spot...haha). He has claws instead of fingernails (you'd be surprised at what can go wrong in a transfiguration lesson).

Other Info: None.

D.E., G.V., I.W.R.T.W., I.A.E., PM me if you know what any of this is... i will add hints as i go along in this game...
First Hint: It does have to do with Harry Potter, specifically my character...
Second Hint: Think of people from slytherin in the books, and what kind of people they are...
Third Hint: to be made
This means extra credit in my class if you decode one of these, or all.

Professor Channing
Transfiguration Professor, Head of Slytherin House

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